D.I.O. Dental Clinic Implants & Braces for Everyone

D.I.O is an innovative dental clinic chain built with the aim to utilize the latest dental technology as well as provide treatment for all patients at an acceptable fee. Our motto is “implants & braces for everyone”!


The first “D” stands for digital. Countless innovations such as three dimensional printing and intra-oral scanning, have been developed in the past few years. Even though digital technology offers higher precision and quality than conventional methods, high equipment cost hasn’t made it become wide-spread in Thailand yet. D.I.O plans to change the dental scene in Thailand by investing in this technology and make it accessible to everyone.


The “I” stands for implants. Implants remain the best solution for missing teeth, but high treatment fees have made it costly to many patients in Thailand. D.I.O recognizes this problem and has taken major steps in order to significantly lower the treatment fee. Patients will still receive the same high-quality treatment, but at a lower cost. One unit, including a zirconia crown (the best material for crown fabrication) and an implant, costs only 19,500 THB. Zirconia is manufactured using CAD/CAM (Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) technology which has many advantages over conventional crown manufacturing. This corresponds with our mission to provide “implants & braces for everyone”. Conventional teeth bridges which require the destruction of nearby healthy teeth will become obsolete. Patients will receive the most natural prosthetic teeth that are meant to last a lifetime.


There’s also great news for patients without any teeth at all and patients that aren’t satisfied with conventional dentures. Implant overdentures are the key to all your teeth-related problems. Two implants are embedded and zirconia crowns are attached on top to form an arch of perfectly aligned teeth. All of this for your upper or lower jaw for only 30,000 THB at DIO! 


The “O” stands for orthodontics. We also want to provide our patients’ with the most radiant and charming smile. D.I.O offers various treatment plans including clear aligner treatment which offers a comfortable treatment compared to conventional braces. Clear aligners do not irritate the patients’ mouth, can be removed during meals, and social events. Most importantly, they come at an acceptable price for all patients.


“Implants & Braces for Everyone.”



07 February 2018




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